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Pensive in Peru...February 5th, 2009

I'm perched on a hilltop, underneath the balcony of a cafe in the bohemian district of Barranco in Lima. It's amazing that this city of 9 million has so many quaint and tranquil enclaves. The sun is about to sink in the surf and the illuminated cross that shines like a beacon out on the distant point is glowing more in the gloaming into view. Here I sit, as I have before, writing on a scrap of paper and with borrowed pen.

At idyllic times like this, and well, the less than idyllic times, too and even those times in between, I've reflected and narrated many a blog post of the thoughts or events of the moment. Any thing and every random notion, brings you to mind. However, most are contained within my Moleskine journal stuffed with shards of thoughts on pieces of paper like this one or are unfinished still rolling around in my head.

Obviously, I've been less than frequent with blog updates though not for a lack of content or desire. I guess I just would rather be sitting here experiencing it than scouting for and being ensconced in an Internet Cafe. When I do get online, it's mostly to catch up and reach out to you and then that is enough. And yet, I feel I'm not doing a real good job of that either. Sometimes the tools, means, and will are there and other times - not.

Facebook has been great in terms of efficiency and timeliness, though a bit overwhelming for a one-time reluctant if not, hesitant, adoptee of the tool. I do appreciate its convenience but I've never been good at editing much less choosing the most apt and interesting 160 characters or less to convey at least the essence of a notion. Kudos to you that are! My thoughts don't always work in sound bites, blurbs or bullet points rather it is one big ole' tangential Joycian obtuse run-on stream of sentences both conscious and unconscious brambles of the brain. But then, maybe that is all that is wanted, needed or appropriate and why bother unravelling the yarn. Maybe that is why I admire certain poets so much for their comprehensive brevity. See. Here I go, digressing.

Besides, I'd want you to be living and enjoying, too, rather than be bogged down by the minutiae of my play-by-play, color-commentary of life experiences in my blog, just one of billions and billions and billions in the blogosphere - interesting or not, we've all got a story to tell. So, for a variety of reasons technical, personal, and otherwise I've decided to not actively post to the blog for now. If I change my mind and you happen upon it then, thanks.

I will continue micro-posts via Facebook and macro-posts, old school, as well as, write or call you directly and look forward to receiving the same.

Perhaps, and even better, one day we can share a table, much like this one here, where we can linger and laugh over where we've been, who we are now, what was and what is.

Wish you were across the table from me now so we could swap some stories or simply watch the sky fill with stars. I've seen the Southern Cross for the first time. Tonight.


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